Meet Our Premier Artist


Citra has been stirring the OC music pot since 2012 when he began his artist career DJing and hosting for local events. Though a native of Costa Mesa, California Citra is inspired by music from the farthest stretches of the globe. Citra has done live-painting and body-painting, organizing, and DJing at shows of DJ’s and bands spanning from Orange County and Los Angeles California, to Vegas, and Tokyo with.
Taking inspiration from all lands whilst sticking to his roots Citra infuses his beats with a cultural concoction sure to entice the auditory senses as well as the soul. Vital ingredients to every Citra groove include rapturous rhythms, sultry samples and synths, boisterous bass, and his signature pulsing performance presence.
Citra is also a visual artist, beyond a musician. He is a painter, storyboard artist, animator, and cartoonist. His live art is something not to miss, usually with a group collage and live beautiful body painting.


Dakred, is known for wearing many hats; producer, dj, photographer, videographer, web designer, ect. Dakota Began his artistic stylization at a young age by making short films with his local friends leading him to join the video production class in high school. He quickly began expanding to multiple artist outlets by starting an audio club: where students produced music and put on live shows and joined the photography club with some of his artwork making it up to regionals.

Now Dakota is the face of Incline DMA, where he does brand management by producing content for small businesses and helping them grow all while starting up his very first EP album and becoming one of the main faces for the Plur Project.


DJ Ben is a fun DJ usually banging house tunes out. He’s a nice fellow, with a taste for high-quality art and music. Using decisive action he puts the selection together in a way sure to keep the party rocking.


Fun, that is the one word I want people to say when describing my performance. Everything from the music I mix, the outfit I wear, and my personality is guided by this one word. So many years ago my life was changed for the better with an introduction to the rave scene and I aim to do the same for others. My music tastes vary but I find myself always coming back to the hard dance genres. Happy Hardcore, Gabber, Hardstyle, FrenchCore, the faster genres have always held a special place in my heart. Although my love for the hard dance is never ending, I will gladly throw down some Trance or PsyTrance, even dabble in Electro house. Nothing is off the table, so long as it is fun. I am SYL-V, and this is what I do.